Point of Danger






 Place the Safety Cap over the seat belt buckle.



Insert the release pin using it to press release button.





Sharply pull the flap out of the SafetyCap










Reassembling the Safety Cap


Safety Cap is available in the following colours:
Black, Blueblack, Grey and Lightgrey.















The following pictures illustrate the Safety Cap and its use.
 Insert the safety belt tounge into the buckle


Opening the safety belt with the release pin.


Remove tounge from buckl


Opening the safety belt without the release pin.


Press the seat belt release button and pull out the tounge.



You can attach the Safety Cap with a cord to the child safety seat so that the Safety Cap remains with the seat when its removed.

You should use the SAFETY CAP with your first child safety seat.






It is not allowed to use the Safety Cap to directly secure a person with a seat belt.




It is now no longer possible for the child to get to the release button of the seat belt.








Remove the Safety Cap from the seat belt buckle.

Now you can remove the Safety Cap from the buckle






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